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The Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce (EBCC) was founded by the two governments in 1981. The Chamber provides the business communities in Egypt and the UK with the opportunity to develop networks, exchange ideas and influence policy makers in both countries.

The Chamber is well connected to the various bilateral organisations that deal with Egypt and the UK - both in government and the private sector.  It further has close ties with the over 50 regional Chambers of Commerce across the UK. This provides an excellent networking platform for importers, exporters, and investors from both countries.

We help our members grow their business via bespoke advice and a series of events, workshops and regular targeted trade missions to Egypt, as well as market visits for Egyptian companies to the UK.

There are abundant opportunities for UK business in the Egyptian market. Egypt’s fast-growing, young population of 90 million, diverse and expanding economy, and its strategic location linking the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia all make it an ideal regional and global business hub. It is a place where British business continues to thrive particularly in the energy and consumer facing sectors such as retail, finance, education and telecoms. Now is the time to do business with Egypt!

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