Established in 2012, Dcode Economic and Financial Consulting (Dcode EFC) did not take long to make its mark in the market as the most objective analytical provider of consulting services. The unrivaled unique integration of advisory and intelligence services and professional ability to address clients’ needs have been and will continue to be the key ingredients in our recipe of success.

Our services are built to address an increasing interest and need among businesses, organisations and individuals in monitoring, analysing, understanding and forecasting the Egyptian economy’s trends from the ground up.

Our services are grouped into four integrated main categories:

4 Categories

Economic Advisory

At Dcode EFC, we strive to provide our clients with a constant flow of information, analysis and intelligence that allow them to see a clearer picture of the political and economic landscape they are operating in. Our Economic Advisory Unit transforms raw data and information into knowledge, in the shape of analytic publications that ensure an added value to our clients. Our edge lies in presenting our core findings, analysis and advice in a clear and illustrative fashion.

We make sure, at all stages of our work, that our clients’ decisions are based on robust and reliable advice and analysis that capture the past, current and future trends and figures on the Egyptian market. We cover the following specialisations under our Economic Advisory Unit:

Economic IntelligenceEconomic Intelligence

Dcode EFC provides clients with an edge in understanding the political economic trends governing the Egyptian market. Our critical insights and experts’ advice are provided directly to clients and complemented by our standard and tailored publications. Dcode EFC undertakes various rigorous economic intelligence exercises that are manifested in the our products.


Market IntelligenceMarket Intelligence

Dcode EFC provides sector-specific evaluation and analysis using extensive investigation and research. The sectorial market analysis and feasibility studies rely on primary and secondary research, which is fed into our economic and financial forecasting model to provide a comprehensive overview for the current and projected performance of any sector. Examples of previous studies include the food and beverages, agriculture, IT, POS, retail, leasing, real estate, entertainment and desalination sectors.

Our market intelligence is linked to financial advising, providing more in-depth evaluation and analysis of the viability of proposed new projects. We objectively uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a proposed venture, as well as evaluate available resources and prospects for success. In feasibility studies, we include a historical background of the business/sector, description of the product or service, accounting statements, details of the operations and management, marketing research and policies, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations.


Dcode EFC provides an integrative government relations approach in supporting your business. Based on your needs, we identify the right people in the government (executive and legislative) to engage with. We inform you of the effects of government actions on your business and we provide you with the information and right advocacy tools needed to persuade policy makers.

Dcode EFC's key strength lies in our network that extends to all levels of government, giving us an unsurpassed edge in providing an updated political map that defines key policy makers and influential players on the economic front; thus, assisting our clients in their engagement and outreach efforts with various government bodies and other key stakeholders.  


Dcode EFC’s interdisciplinary financial advisory handles all complex issues that may arise in a corporation’s or institution’s financial situation. The department provides assistance to companies in assessing the economic and financial viability of their investments, assessing and managing the financial risk that may arise form commodity and financial product trading, capital raising, companies’ financial valuations and governance restructuring.


Dcode EFC uses an inclusive approach which takes social, political, financial, regulatory, gender and institutional requirements needed for sustainable solutions into account. The development consulting arm supports our clients from the planning to implementation phases of developmental initiatives, projects and policies. 


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