Introduction from Oliver Richards, Regional Director North Africa, Department for International Trade

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Oliver RichardsI hope this guide will inspire you to think about doing business with Egypt. This is a diverse $240 billion economy with strong services, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism contributions to GDP. With a consumer market of nearly 100 million and growing, GDP growth projections of well over 5% and an ambitious economic development programme, the opportunities in this country are hard to ignore.

The UK has a strong, long standing business presence in Egypt. I am proud that we have been the number 1 foreign direct investor in Egypt for many years. Major British brands are investing in all the key sectors – oil and gas, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and more.  We have a significant and diverse trading relationship and you will find many UK brands represented in Egypt’s shopping malls. This rich relationship provides British companies new to the market with a wealth of experience they can draw on.

We in the Department for International Trade are here to help your business succeed internationally. Our local team is available to help promote your business in Egypt, to point you towards options for financial support where appropriate, and to work with you to address barriers to doing business here.

For new exporters we can provide a range of services to introduce you to the market. These include market reports, providing contacts, and organising events and visits to introduce you to key stakeholders in your sectors. UK Export Finance also has a range of attractive financing solutions for exports ranging from working capital facilities through to buyer credit facilities that allow your clients to finance projects at very attractive rates. For those already doing business in Egypt we can help you deal with any issues you may experience with unfamiliar local paperwork.

This guide is a fantastic resource to any British business looking at the opportunities in the Egyptian market. Whatever stage you are at, we will do everything we can to support you in achieving your business goals in this diverse and exciting economy. 


Oliver Richards
Regional Director North Africa, Department for International Trade


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