Foreword from Sir Geoffrey Adams, British Ambassador to Egypt


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Geoffrey Adams Photo CROPEgypt is an exciting destination for UK investors and exporters.

The sheer size of this ever-growing market, and the natural advantages of its energy reserves, geographical location and unique history, produced opportunities and returns in a diverse range of sectors even when times were tough in the global economy or regional politics. British companies have done uniquely well seizing these opportunities, making the UK Egypt’s top economic partner with 40-50% of all investment flows into Egypt each year.

Now, Egypt is on the threshold of a new era, with a series of unprecedented reforms since 2016. The opportunity now is for Egypt to move from this stabilisation phase to new and more diverse, inclusive growth. That requires a more open private sector, and more transparent rules for companies to come and compete in a clear and predictable environment.

The Egyptian Government is sending a clear signal about the importance of winning new investment in this way to grow exports, industrial production and a huge new middle class in one of Africa’s giant economies. The UK Government and international institutions are actively supporting Egypt to implement this vision.

And once again, British business is set to be Egypt’s perfect partner, with world class strengths well-aligned to Egypt’s priorities. Over 1,500 UK companies are already active in sectors ranging from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, energy, infrastructure, security, education and finance. As Egypt shifts its focus to unlock talent, enterprise and innovation, the UK is leading the way in knowledge-intensive sectors such as education, technology and finance.

I recommend this guide to everyone doing business in Egypt. The British Embassy Trade and Investment Team stands ready to support you.


Sir Geoffrey Adams
British Embassy, Cairo


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